Transformation is not a quick fix solution to all of life’s problems but learning to walk in the Spirit by applying these seven truths from the Word of God.  There have been thousands of people healed and restored through this ministry.



This is the foundational truth of Christianity and the most misunderstood application.  The act of forgiveness is accomplished the moment you ask for forgiveness, but many think that you have to continue to ask until it is forgotten.  The event may never be forgotten, but you learn through the Transformation Ministry that it is when you deal with your emotional hurts and wounds that you will experience the freedom that God has for each of us.  You will no longer feel the hurts that are associated with the event or person that you have forgiven. 



Soul ties are formed by hearing, seeing and/or any touching that meet emotional needs.  Soul ties are the joining together of your mind, will and emotions with someone else’s soul.  It has been documented that when using the computer some people become very graphic using photos and words before they actually meet. Because of the prior communication, when they do meet, they consummate everything that was previously communicated.  Even if they don’t meet, soul ties have already been formed.  We have found that there is a rapid rate of this happening with the younger children and teenagers.  The major problem is centered on sexual immorality.  Over the years of ministering with those who have been set free from soul ties, we have found that soul ties have increased.  



This is an area of weaknesses that opens people up to sin and is given at conception from the father.  This truth was not discovered for a long time and is missed when doing deliverance. This truth is not to be looked at as a fault but understand that it is a behavior that is hard to overcome.  

The freedom comes when you understand that the behaviors that are difficult to change are from your forefathers.  Breaking iniquities is like repentance in that you are dying to the old man and becoming new.  The weaknesses that are from our forefathers are sin and must be referred to as such to be free from them and no longer be influenced by them as a behavior. Over the years we have noticed an increase in iniquities such as ADD, ADHD, ANGER, and SEXUAL IMMORALITY.



Most learned behaviors come from mothers or care takers.  We also have discovered that as blended families are occurring at a fast rate, the children have learned behaviors from either stepparent.  When people say they try very hard to not be like their parents but become like them anyway, they are looking at the weaknesses of their parents and comparing themselves to them.  As they continue to compare themselves to their parents, they remind themselves of the actions and in doing so they bring the thought to their mind which causes them to be bent toward that tendency.



Curses are often overlooked in our daily lives. In today’s society, people don’t realize the importance of the words they say.  People are fearful and competitive, and this results in negative speaking.  When we come under a word curse, our lives are not as productive and we experience a reduction in our joy.  Sometimes we may even experience depression because of the word curses spoken over us.  These curses can happen because of jealousy in families, with people who are competing in the same business, or those who have been offended.



Unrighteous judgments are the result of hurts and wounds and occur in families.  The words are spoken in a conclusive way resulting in a judgment against someone can happen to almost anyone in every occurrence of life.  


The ministry of deliverance has been very effective in giving quick freedom from the difficulties of life. However, we have found that freedom doesn’t always last unless people realize what they have been delivered from and are taught to walk in freedom. 


After walking through the healing that the Holy Spirit brings through the seven truths, many times people will not need deliverance. That is because the truths bring freedom as they are transformed.  We must understand that Christians cannot be possessed, but we have seen many set free from the temptation and influenced of demons, and/or unclean spirits.


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